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Top 10 Most Popular Dams in India


Dams were ideally constructed to hold water in which could otherwise turn destructive, and aid in purposes like irrigation. But over time they have evolved into full blown tourist spots which afford opportunities like photography, natural beauty, walking places, watching birds and many others. Nowadays most tours to areas with major rivers are incomplete without a visit to the dams. As India is a country with a lot of rivers, it is only natural that a lot of dams follow. Here we list the top 10 dams in India, all of which are definitely worth visiting. Plan a tour to these dam sites to catch a glimpse of beauty that is also high on utility, helps numerous people in need while being eco friendly at the same time.


1. Indira Sagar Dam, Madhya Pradesh

Located along the banks of the Narmada river, one of the most prominent rivers in India in terms of both size, presence and utility, it is located in the Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh and stores the largest amount of water for any dam in India. Indira Sagar Dam is also involved in power generation and irrigation and has become very popular with tourists.


2. Krishnarajasagar Dam, Karnataka

Krishnarajasagar Dam is a masonry dam built on the banks of the Kaveri river in Mysore, Karnataka. This has close to it the birthplace and childhood hometown of the eponymous Hindu Lord Krishna, the Brindavans. It has a garden within which is popular in its own right as a garden park and tourist spot. It also is located in Mysore, one of the most beautiful spots of India featured often in media.


3. Cheruthoni Dam, Kerala

This dam is located in Kerala and is a concrete gravity kind of dam. Cheruthoni Dam provides a multitude of experience types for tourists. It has Idukki close by, a spot on top of hills where you can go for a daytime brunch or outdoor picnic or watch the panoramic vista from the top which is very high. It also has wildlife reserves, exotic species of fauna that’s also a tourist attraction.


4. Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu

Mettur Dam is a concrete dam and is one of the most remarkable and famous ones in India. Besides being a site for water conservation, power generation and irrigation help, it is also a site of natural beauty where you can rejuvenate yourself or indulge in photography. It is also the oldest of its kind in India, one of, and is located along the Kaveri banks.


5. Bisalpur Dam, Rajasthan

Bisalpur Dam is located in Rajasthan, so it must possess something that is very attractive to tourists- and it does! This dam is famous for providing on display a number of birds of many species that are natural visitors to it. It is located in Tonks, Rajasthan along the Banas River.

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