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Monday March 8th, 2021  /
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1512 trading and testing days after releasing the first version of the sRs Trend Rider in 2010, Vladimir Ribakov has introduced the third version – sRs PRO – which is a much better system with major upgrades that will revolutionize the Forex trading world!

The sRs PRO is a highly accurate strategy that can be used all day and with all currency pairs. sRs PRO on all its versions is practically the only trading strategy in the Forex market with constant live proof from real customers over the span of 10 years. As proof element, every trade is recorded using screenshots when there is a trade alert and after a trade is closed, the results are analyzed in real time, so there is a track record of countless trades.

The sRs PRO is a semi-automated trading system. Installed on MT4. Based on MAs, RSI, Momentum. For Beginners and Advanced. User requires MetaTrader.

When you get the sRs PRO you also get the sRs Trend Rider 2.0.

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