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Raspberry Pi for Beginners (Mac+PC)

Friday September 18th, 2020  /
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Video course contents:

25 lessons of compact Raspberry Pi know-how:

+ What is a Raspberry PI?
+ What exciting projects are there already?
+ Which models are there and which is the right one for me?
+ Where can I buy a Raspberry + accessories?
+ Technical data and interfaces of the Raspberry PI 3B+
+ What can I do with a Raspberry after the first start?
+ Download the images from the Internet
+ Installation of the operating system on the microSD card (for PC)
+ Installation of the operating system on the microSD card (for Mac)
+ Installation of the operating system with NOOBS
+ Commissioning of the Raspberry with a monitor
+ Commissioning of the Raspberry without monitor (headless installation)
+ microSD Backup & Image Recovery
+ microSD card with empty (Mac + PC)
+ Which projects are software-based possible?
+ Software project: PI-Hole network-wide advertising blocker
+ Software Project: Homebridge (Example: Lamp Control)
+ Software Project: Webmin for System Administration
+ Software project: Retropi (game console) + Kodi (media center)
+ What sensors can I connect to the Raspberry?
+ Hardware Project: Camera Module
+ Hardware Project: Soil Moisture Module
+ Hardware Project: Light Sensitivity Module
+ Hardware Project: Laser Beam Module
+ Introduction Programming with Scratch
+ Introduction Programming with Thonny (Python)

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