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IBC Training Program

Monday March 8th, 2021  /
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IBC Training Programme:

IBC stands for Individual Business consultant who will consult and help to any type of businesses for their exponential growth.

IBC will provide Software consultation to any type of businesses from their locality to smooth running of day to day operation.

IBC Role in Selliru:- As Selliru is a Business Software IBC will contact any type of Business Owner and advice him to use Selliru software to maintain their records.

Upcoming IBC Training Programme on 15th March 2021

The advantages to consulting are many including:

  • Flexibility to set your own schedule
  • Learn business tips
  • Ability to earn more with your experience, knowledge and low overhead than with a job
  • Start up time is quick and startup capital requirement is low.
  • Like most home business ideas, consulting has a few disadvantages as well, such as:
  • The time it takes to build up and maintain a clientele
  • Income that may be unsteady
  • No office resources (IT or HR support, accountant, etc.)
  • While you can turn any type of knowledge into a consulting business, here a few of the best industries to consider now.
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