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DROPMASTER | The Ultimate Shopify Course

Friday September 11th, 2020  /
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Become a partner of the Dropmaster Community now and profit from a high demand and optimized advertising material, so that selling becomes easy!

Your advantages:

  1. 25$ commission per sale with a product price of only 47$ (corresponds to almost 50%)
  2. Cross-device Digistore24 affiliate tracking activated.
  3. Automated email follow-up funnel for maximum commissions per referral.
  4. Very high customer satisfaction with own community.
  5. Optimized funnel with a constantly optimized conversion rate.

Dropmaster Business Content:

  • 8 Video Series  with exact Step-by-Step Process
  • How to get your store up and running quickly and easily, without stress
  • The 3 pages you must have on your store to stay legal
  • How You can begin making sales BEFORE you even pay Shopify
  • All the settings you need to adjust (and which ones you don’t)
  • How to almost instantly add products to your store (including beautiful images)
  • How To fulfill your first order after you make a sale
  • Installing the Facebook Pixel (without this your Facebook Ads wont work properly)
  • How to keep your store organized by creating collections

In short, Dropmaster teaches you everything you need to make money with your smartphone for only 47$, even without showing yourself on camera.

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