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Conscious Evolution Summit – FREE online-conference

Monday March 8th, 2021  /
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Conscious Evolution Summit
November 16th – 25th 2018

31 experts, which are visionary leaders, spiritual teachers, authors, activists, scientists, coaches share their wisdom about how to sustain awakening, connect with the evolutionary impulse, liberate the body from accumulated emotions, overcome limiting believes, stay present in challengues, shift awareness into the heart and the being and so much more.
This are some of the world renowned speakers: Barbara Marx Hubbard, Terry Patten, Craig Hamilton, Bence Ganti, Miranda Macpherson, Mark Nepo, Annette Kaiser, Howard Martin (HeartMath Institute), Daniel Mitel, Loch Kelly, Marisa Peer etc.

The structure of the online summit is that thousands of people can watch for free during 10 days, 3 videos each day for 24 hours.
In addition to that we offer a download package with videos, audios and bonus material from some speakers.

You only share the information that this summit takes place.
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With little effort you will receive 50% of the net proceeds from the summit package sales.

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Here you find all the details and promotion material.
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