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Markha Valley Trek

Thursday May 7th, 2020  /
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Markha Valley is the largest valley of the region. Of course, Leh is the start point of this trek, which is an added advantage to explore the Buddhists monuments in Leh. You will be astonished to traverse through the tiny hamlets as you gain altitude. Surprisingly, these villages host cafes or tea houses serving rejuvenating hot drinks when you are tired from the strenuous hike. One after another, Rumbak, Yurutse, Skui, Markha, Hankar, Nimaling settlements will revitalize you. Tourism in Ladakh is still emerging and, today, you can walk around Markha for hours and yet not meet any soul apart from Tibetan shepherds. Not only that most of the villages have preserved monasteries, ruined forts and temples. Amongst them, the Tacha monastery is an eye and heart catcher that lies between the mountains.

The Markha Valley is wedged between the Stok Kangri range to the north and the Zanskar peaks to the south. Make sure you rest well and not strain your body during your stay in the hotel. Leh has gained popularity as the adventure capital of India. It is quite famous amongst wanderers, which you can evidently see as you roam here and there. It is also known for being a ‘tea house trek’ where one can expect accommodation in parachute tents or homestays at most of the villages enroute. It is possible for a reasonably fit solo trekker to complete the trek without a porter and a guide, and usually there is little need to carry food or cooking utensils.

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