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Why do most people quit?

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    Most people give up easily.

    Every day new people start an online business, every day new people join the warrior forum. But most of them post or answer 1-5 times and then they are out. I just wonder why?

    If you’re serious about making money online, why would you quit so fast? Did you expect to make money from the second you joined, did you expect that experienced online marketing gurus would give you all their secrets on the first day for free? or what is it?

    Making money online is like any other business you start, you start at ZERO, and you actually have to work to be successful.

    So don’t be a quitter, like most, but make a plan and execute it. Or write below, why you failed and gave up after some days or weeks. Maybe I will start to understand it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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