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Ready? Ok let’s launch your first campaign

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    Before you start, be sure to make sure you have the following ready:
    Money: If you’re going down the paid traffic route you will need $500+
    Network Approval: Get approved by multiple networks, we recommend:
    Traffic Source Approval: Pick a traffic source and join a traffic network:
    $100 FREE native traffic coupon.
    10% Lifetime Discount pay per click traffic.
    Spy Tools: Sign up for a intelligence tool that spies on your traffic source:
    Mobile traffic spy tool coupon.
    Native traffic spy tool coupon.
    Display Media Buying spy tool coupon.
    Social Ad Spy tool coupon.
    Spy Tool for Native/Desktop/Adult 30% Discount
    Domain and Hosting: Purchase a domain and some hosting to host your landing pages:
    Hosting starting at $2.75/month
    Cloudways 20% Off for 2 months
    Tracking: Sign up for a tracking platform so that you can track your campaigns.
    50% OFF AdsBridge tracking solution.
    Exclusive Up to 45% Discount at Voluum
    Afflytics 20% Off for 3 Months
    RedTrack 25% Off for 3 Months
    BeMob $50 FREE Bonus
    Once you have all of the above you are fully ready to get started with affiliate marketing.

    Bullet Guide
    Read through the Wiki guides front to back.
    Repeat step one.
    Join some affiliate networks.
    Contact your affiliate managers.
    Pick a vertical and traffic source.
    Spy on your chosen traffic source and vertical.
    Setup hosting, landing pages and angles.
    Create a follow along and document your journey.
    Create multiple campaigns with different angles.
    Cut your losing campaigns.
    Split test your winning campaigns.
    Scale your winning ads and campaigns.
    DO NOT switch verticals or traffic sources.
    Rinse and repeat.

    Remember that affiliate marketing has a lot of up and downs, focus on one traffic source and vertical until you’ve mastered it. Spend 80% of your time trying to scale profitable campaigns and the other 20% launching new angles. Ask for help and be sure to start a follow along right now!

    Best of luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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