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Free Cloud mining USDT to trade.

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    Stormgain is a trading site and they have recently added a new cloud mining feature. It allows you to mine free USDT(though it says bitcoin miner, we mine bitcoin and it is converted to usdt when withdrawing). You have to press the mine button every 4 hours. Now, we can mine a few cents per 4 hours, before it was more when bitcoin’s price was low.
    minimum withdrawal is at 10 USDT
    You can withdraw to stormgain’s personal wallet. So you can withdraw out of stormgain, you have o trade with that 10 usdt and that profit is what we can withdraw to personal wallet. SO they want you to really experience trading without juts being there to earn free coin and just withdraw to your wallet.
    They have a referral system which allows you to earn 15% of mined funds of your referrals that they withdraw.
    Use my link and get 3 USDT bonus. (It says that in the site, use my link and reply if you have received the 3 USDT)
    I am currently at 3.76 USDT. Hopefully i will reach the minimum.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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