Do freelancers need a “company vision”?

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Do freelancers need a “company vision”?

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    Opinion 1: Some people say that you (or your business) should have a vision you share with your employees, freelancers and team members.

    That way, they will feel inspired and feel like they take part in a mission they need to accomplish.

    Note: I’m not refering to whether you should have a vision for yourself or your business. I’m talking about the need to constantly communicate a vision with employees.

    Opinion 2: Others say that employees and freelancers already have their own “visions” – which may include things like:
    Do tasks they are skilled at.
    Get paid fairly (or well).
    Be able to pay their rent, food, clothing, gas, education, etc.
    Be able to do things they enjoy like hobbies or spending time with their loved ones.
    So, a “company vision” isn’t necessary.

    What do you think?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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