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    The Digital Point Forum is the latest forum I’ve become a part of and seriously—it’s HUGE. It has sections for everything about internet marketing, including:

    Search Engines: with subcategories Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Directories
    Marketing: with subcategories General Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networks, Link Development, PPC Advertising, and Affiliate Programs
    Business: with subcategories General Business, eCommerce, Payment Processing, Legal Issues, Domain Names, Copywriting, and Buy/Sell/Trade
    Design & Development: with subcategories HTML & Website Design, Graphics and Multimedia, Content management, Programming, Site and Server Administration, and Databases
    Products & Tools
    The content is great, people are quick to respond to new posts, and from what I’ve experienced in the past week I’ve been a registered user, everyone is very friendly and happy to help each other out, no matter what level you’re at. Here’s a quick glance at the forum stats:

    # of Members: 336,561
    # of Threads: 1,537,338
    # of Posts: 12,453,623
    Yes—that’s A LOT of content, but imagine how much great information has been passed between people on those threads.

    A couple of notable things to point out. They have a great marketplace where you can post things you want to sell, be it a website or domain name, whatever—and people are usually quick to respond with questions to learn more about your offer. Even further, if you want something designed, you can hold a contest for it and get some stuff designed for you in no time. People scour the contest sections just waiting for a chance to earn some extra cash, so take advantage of that if you want.

    There is, however, a 7 day “probation period” that you must endure before you can post within certain sections (like in the marketplace and contest areas), and before you can edit your signature. I like this because it keeps the spammers away and really shows that they care about the quality of posts and people on their forum. Most of the other parts of the forum are accessible from day 1. Good deal.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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