Dealing with people that think selling is evil

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Dealing with people that think selling is evil

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    Many moons ago, I have to admit that I had the same distrust of sales/marketing people that a lot of new business owners have…..

    – That sales people/techniques can make you buy something you don’t want
    – That rapport-building techniques are bad
    – That if you build the best product, people will find it, so you don’t need marketing/sales anyway
    – That commissions are a cost vs a reflection you got sales you wouldn’t have otherwise got

    And so on.

    Now – this usually comes up at the point someone is paying commissions or looking at what they paid you and feeling you didn’t do enough for it.

    I have found this rarely comes up at a good time. You are usually on the other side of a negotiation and that’s not the point at which the other side of the table is receptive to being educated.

    Any thoughts? Seems to me like any reply you can give adds fuel to the fire until they understand that people like buying stuff.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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