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    If you’re excited about joining one or more of these forums, excellent! Before you do that, I’d like to leave you with a few final things you should know, no matter which forum or forums you may be interested in.

    Don’t Join Just to Promote Your Own Site. If you go into these forums and just link back to your website without providing any quality content or asking relevant questions, you’ll get kicked out. Please, don’t do that.
    Utilize Your Signature. To promote your site, you can simply place a link within the signature portion of your profile. Your signature gets shown in every post you write, so if you interest people with what you have to say, they’ll click over to your site.
    Read the Rules Before Posting. Each forum has their own set of rules and regulations, so take a moment to read them. They are usually posted as a “sticky post” in the very top of the forum.
    Before you Start a New Thread, Perform a Search First. Almost every post since the beginning of a forum’s life is saved, so to not waste everyone’s time (including your own), do a quick search to see if any questions you want to post are already answered. Everyone will appreciate this.
    Help Other People in Need. If you come across a thread or post that asks a question that you know the answer to, respond! That’s what keeps the forum alive, and remember—each time you post, your signature gets shown. If you totally blow people’s minds with your answers, other people will notice, and you’ll get some clicks to your own site.
    And my final piece of advice is this: don’t get lost in the forums. In other words, these forums are great resources that you can utilize for help, and even lend a helping hand in, but it’s really easy to click from post to post and lose track of time and not actually get any work done.

    Be a part of the community, but don’t forget about your primary goals!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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