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5 of the Best Internet Marketing and Blogging Forums

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    Over the past several months, I’ve been introduced to several internet marketing and blogging forums that I wish I knew about (or were available) when I was starting out on my own. I’d like to share 5 of them with you today, just in case you don’t already know about these wonderful communities of like-minded people who all want to improve their online presence, and at the same time share their knowledge, tips and tricks too. I’ve also included a short analysis of each so you’ll know what to expect.

    Warrior Forum
    Warrior Forum claims to be the #1 Internet Marketing Forum Since 1997, and I don’t doubt that. If we take a quick look at their statistics (as of 12/23/09), we can get a feel for just how popular this forum is:

    # of Members: 166,167
    # of Threads: 112,250
    # of Posts: 1,228,715
    When I just visited the forum to grab those statistics, I noticed that there were 2,330 people actively on the forum at that very moment. That’s insane! Depending on any posts that you write, the likelihood of getting a quick response is very high.

    I also really appreciate the fact that there’s an entire section dedicated to mindset within the forum, entitled: Mind Warriors—Success, Power, Self-Improvement. The description of this section says it all:

    This forum is dedicated to discussion on all topics related to self-improvement. This most certainly fits into a money-making forum because power, energy and creativity translates into being able to make more money.

    Almost everyone I’ve seen and met from Warrior Forum is super friendly, and you can tell that they have great pride in being a part of the community. Adrian from 36pounds.com, and Howie who is actively working on his own ebook project, are very active on Warrior Forum and are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met online.

    The experience and knowledge of the members range from total beginner all the way up to expert, so where ever you’re at with your online business or blog, there will be something you can learn in the Warrior Forum.

    Wicked Fire
    Wicked Fire is known as one of the top Affiliate Marketing Forums on the web, so if you’re dabbling in affiliate marketing, especially in regards to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Networks, this forum is for you.

    # of Members: 55,149
    # of Threads: 79,103
    # of Posts: 693,839
    Some of the people on Wicked Fire are raking in tons of money and like to share how they do it. My only caveat about this forum is that it can be rather vulgar, and if you don’t know what you’re talking about, they’ll eat you up and spit you out. If you’re a beginner interested in affiliate marketing, I’d definitely read the threads and soak in as much information as you want (which is gold), but I wouldn’t start or participate in any conversations.

    I am not a member myself, but I used to read a lot of the posts on Wicked Fire back when I was actively affiliate marketing with PPC.

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