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Tuesday June 23rd, 2020  /
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Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany, and the second most popular theme park resort in Europe, following Disneyland Paris. If you come to Europa-Park looking for fun, excitement and adventure, you won’t be disappointed! There are all kinds of exciting things going on at Europa-Parks’ 95-hectare site. Europa-Park is located in Rust, in south-western Germany, between Freiburg im Breisgau and Strasbourg (in neighboring France).

The park is home to 13 roller coasters, the oldest being Alpenexpress Enzian, a powered coaster that speeds through a diamond mine, and the newest coaster being the Ba-a-a Express, a small kiddie roller coaster. Europa-Park has very high capacity roller coasters and attractions meaning the park can accommodate approximately 60,000 guests per day. Europa-Park in Rust – Germany’s number one theme park and a one-stop shop for thrills, spills and fun – you’ll want to return time and time again!. It counted 5.7 million visitors in 2017. It is also the location of the Euro Dance Festival.

Since 2014, Europa-Park has been named the world’s best amusement park by the Golden Ticket Awards. In November 2019, Europa-Park’s Rulantica water park opened, along with a new themed hotel “Krønasår”.

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